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Corporate Wellness and Ergonomics Coaching

corporate ergonomics and wellness

"I really care about my employees, and I saw how happy the wellness seminar made them. It was fun!  The recommendations to make their workspaces safe were simple and reasonable.  I feel good knowing I'm taking care of them. JeauxJeaux.com was a good investment, and we schedule regular follow-ups."  Glen Padilla, owner of Serv-Pro. 

David D, Safety Director


"I had a lot of stress and anxiety and problems in my shoulders. I started the wellness program to take care of my stress and anxiety and it worked beautifully. I am still feeling the results. What impressed me the most was the caring attitude and the empathy. I feel comfortable coming back again." 

Robert Johnson, Appraiser


"I injured my knees very bad and I could barely walk. Doctors told me I needed surgery but I didn't want to go that route. I went to the studio (JeauxJeaux) and was given wellness strategies and my knees were kinesiotaped. My wife was trained on how to follow up. I stayed with the program, and it took some time but I now can do my work as a real estate appraiser, going up high-rises, taking the stairs.  Today I walked two miles to get to a place I needed to go and am about to walk two miles back.  I have no pain." 

Angela Padilla, MS


"I sat in on the wellness seminar held for our company and I can't stop thinking about the things that were discussed.  I have so many ideas now on how to find the balance in my busy day and what I need to add to feel happier and really enjoy life. The day after the seminar I felt great, and sent JeauxJeaux.com a message saying 'you were just what the doctor ordered'.  I always look forward to my next visit!".

Henrietta Schwartz, PhD Former SFSU Dean Emeritus

wellness and ergonomics

"I like you very much and you are sensible in the things you recommend for me. The program is very efficient and you can do it at your own time and your own pace. I tell people that you can engage in the program 100% , not feel worn out, and you have a renewed energy that you want to use more of!". 



Wellness and ergonomic programs are custom designed for your convenience:

*At the privacy of your home.

*At the workplace. 

*Via video such as Skype or Facetime.

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